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After Toohey's Tongue comes the Mouth, set to delight and disgust

That squirmy feeling you had the first time you saw the now-infamous tongue from that Tooheys ad? It's back. Sort of. This time, it's the whole mouth. And it's still disembodied.
In the olden times - well, 2004 - the Tooheys 'Tongue' divided family, friends and the community. There were those that declared it the most riveting piece of art since the Renaissance masters, sort of, and then there were those which saw it more as visual bile.
So, yeah, it was talked about.

Lion is looking to tap into that with the next evolution of 'Tongue', this time bringing the whole mouth along to the party. Which also disentangles itself from its host to take on a life of its own. Ewww... or bonzer!

The concept? That your mouth is subjected to all kinds of abuse – toe sucking, inside lip tattoos and all manner of unsavoury activities. So the reward should be the taste of Tooheys Extra Dry. Wait, isn't the tongue the only part of the mouth that can actually taste anything? Never mind.

“The new ad is sure to grab attention and drive talkability. It's provocative, but that is what's great about Tooheys Extra Dry as a brand – we can be a little more adventurous with our creative,” said Lion national marketing director Matt Tapper.

“Tooheys Extra Dry has always had a reputation for being left of centre, and we feel that 'Repay Your Mouth' once again pushes boundaries and builds on the fun and eccentric personality that Tooheys Extra Dry is loved for and appreciated by our drinkers.”
The ad will debut on Sunday night during The Mentalist on Nine but a sneak peek will feature on the Tooheys Extra Dry Facebook page today. It will also run across out-of-home and digital platforms.
The campaign was created by BMF, the genuises (or deviants) behind the original 'Tongue' ad.

BMF creative director Justin Ruben said: “We wanted to stay true to Tooheys Extra Dry's long history of off-beat and surreal advertising. We also wanted to put 'The Clean Crisp Taste of Tooheys Extra Dry' at the heart of the idea, just like the highly successful 'Tongue' commercial Tooheys did all those years ago.”