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Tuohy law and disorder

June 9, 1887: The English gunboat The Banterer sailed the Sheriff of County Clare and several deputies to Clare Island to evict twelve members of the Tuohy family from land that belongs to the Crown. The Tuohy’s had been long time tenants on the property. “The scenes witnesses during the eviction” wrote the Chicago Tribune reporter on the scene “were deplorable” and two of the Tuohy women threw boiling whitewash on the sheriffs and were quickly arrested.

October 15, 1887: Peter Tuohy was arrested for assaulting an Officer Ruel in the basement of the Chicago Avenue Police Station after Ruel, arrested Tuohy’s friend Patrick Sweeney. An arrest warrant had been sworn out against Sweeney by a woman named Bridget McKinsey. Ruel found Sweeney on Huron Street and arrested him. On the way to the jail they passed Tuohy who decided to save his friend. As officer Ruel escorted Sweeney into the station basement, Tuohy attacked the cop, punching him in the temple and knocking him down. Then Sweeney joined in. The noise brought eight policemen to the scene. Tuohy was arrested and jailed.

September 16 1891: James Tuohy,24, bartender for political boss Danny Lonigan, shot and killed his brother in law, Constantine Morris, age 35, (AKA Morris the plasterer, an Englishman) in front of Morris’s house on 115 West Jackson Street in Chicago. The murdered ended a long feud between the two men that started when Morris refused to take the a sign with Tuohy’s father name on it from a boarding house once owned by the Tuohy’s and then owned by Morris after Tuohy’s father died. Tuohy went to the boarding house and pulled the sign from the property. When Morris tried to stop him, Tuohy killed him with a single shot. In the past Morris had threatened both of Tuohy’s brothers, Pat and Dan, with a loaded pistol.

1884: There was also a Police Detective named Tuohy (First name not reported) on the San Francisco Police force

San Francisco had a Judge Tuohy (First name unknown) on the bench in 1883. That year he sentenced to gamblers to death for the murder of another gambler.

2010: Richard Toohey is a Superior Court Judge in Santa Ana California

Chris Tuohy is a judge in the Wellington District in New Zealand