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Touhy Nebraska

Touhy Neb. was platted in 1892. The first few years there was no well in town. Water was hauled in from the James Maly farm half a mile east of Touhy. Touhy grew as the land around became settled. A new store was needed so one was built across the road on the south side of the street by Anton Chapek with his brothers, Ludvik and Frank, as employees. In 1895, Frank Rakel bought half interest in the store. Then, in 1904, the business was sold to James Kacirek, who operated it until September, 1930, when John Benes Sr. and Ernest Kriz bought it. Poultry, cream and eggs were bought from customers. All types of groceries, hardware and dry goods were sold. Now Touhy had an implement store, lumber yard, two elevators, pool hall, barber shop, dance hall, car repair shop, and Catholic Church.

On December 13, 1934, the store building and all its contents were destroyed by fire. Within a week, Emil and Agnes Benes started a general store in the old Bank building which he operated until Feb., 1942, when he was inducted into the Army. Then Mr. Emil Ohnoutka Sr. sold groceries in the office of the lumber yard and began building a new store on the south side of the street across from the tavern. He operated this store until his death and then his wife and family took care of the business until 1959 when "Tuffy and Della" Ohnoutka bought it. They worked and thrived on their business and also purchased the only tavern. Della ran the grocery business and Tuffy the tavern until his death in 1973. Then Della moved the grocery business into the tavern and operated them until her death on May 8, 1975. Since then, the store building stands idle

The State Bank of Touhy was organized in 1906 with Jul Petermichael as President and F.J. Kirchman as Vice-President. Gustina and Charles Carek were in charge of the bank when it closed during the 1930's.

Lem Glassburn and John Parker were the first to manage the elevator. Ludvik Chapek, Fred Parker and George Ohnoutka and others have managed it through the years. Today it stands idle.

James Maly built and operated the first tavern in Touhy. Theodore Schmidt was the next owner. Louis Jelinek, Joe Pekarek, Tuffy Ohnoutka, Paul Griffin, Adolph Bouc, Don Langle, and others have managed it through the years. Today, Mrs. Ethel Piippo owns and operates it.

Today, the families living within the village limits include: Ron and Donna Furasek, Jonathan and Jessica; Joe and Rose Furasek, and Lori; George and Blanche Walla, Greg, Mark, and Jeff; William Walla; Mrs. Ethel Piippo; Raymond and Rose Walla; Leonard and Maxine Masek and Renee; Randy and Cathy Catlin; David and Donna Kahler, Belledawna, Marsha, Axton, and Danielle; David and Angelina Hibler, Margaret, Kathryn, Jordan, Quentina, and David Jr.; George Ohnoutka; Tom and Agnes Buresh; Ludvik and Loretta Walla, Darrell, Chris, Linda, and Julie.

Today with only the tavern and the Valerian Rezac Fertilizer Business operating, and St. Vitus Church with its organizations, Touhy School District 111, Touhy Livestock 4-H Club with 63 members, The Touhy Coyote Club, and the Touhy Softball team with Ludvik Walla as coach, the little village still survives.

Emil Benes was appointed Postmaster in Nov. 1930, until 1943, when Emil Ohnoutka Sr. was acting postmaster until Emil Benes returned from military service in Jan. 1946. Benes served as postmaster until Sept., 1946, when he accepted a Rural Carrier position in Raymond, Nebr. Then Mrs. Josephine Steyer was appointed Postmaster until the Post Office was closed in 1956.

Touhy school was organized in 1892. It was built by Wagner Construction. Sixteen year old Nellie Throop was the first teacher. The school was originally located across the road from where it now stands. It was moved to its present location in the early 1900's. Electricity was added in 1951. The porch was enclosed in the 1960's. Another room was added for the bathrooms and storage in 1975. There are 5 students enrolled this year with Mrs. Blanche Walla as teacher.

On February 24, 1901, St. Ladislaus Branch No. 36 of the Katolicky Delnik met at the Touhy Schoolhouse and voted to get permission from Bishop Bonacum to build a church in Touhy. Their request was not granted. Later, that same year another request was made and again it was refused. The next year, a third committee was sent along with a list of charter members to request permission to build and it was issued on August 18, 1902, with Rev. Mathias Bor appointed director of construction.

Jacob Ort of Wahoo designed the building and James O'Donnell Construction Company of Wahoo built the frame 36 by 80 feet.

On May 6, 1903, the cornerstone was laid and blessed; on June 23, the bell was blessed by Father Bor and the church was completed in September. Father Maurice Rippenberger of Lincoln dedicated the new church on October 7, 1903.

Rev. Anthony Bednar came twice a month from Crete to celebrate Mass until 1905. He was followed by Rev. John Vlcek who served until February 1906. Next Rev. Valerian Hancik traveled from Plattsmouth by train, and horse and buggy every other week until 1907. Then Rev. John Vlcek who was residing at Plasi again served the parish until Rev. Victor Mlejnek arrived on June 26, 1910 and served until 1914. Father Mlejnek received permission from Bishop Tihen to build a rectory in 1914 at a cost of $6100 including furnishings. Meanwhile Rev. Alois Gryc served Touhy and Plasi from September 6, 1914 to November 21, 1915. Then Rev. Victor Mlejnek was appointed the first resident pastor and served until 1919.

He was succeeded by Rev. Frantisek Kopecky 1920-25; Rev. Joseph Blacha 1929-30; Rev. Adam Hanun Feb-Aug. 1930; Rev. Paul Donavan Dec. 1929-Jan. 1930; Rev. A. Smith 1930; and Rev. Joseph Bauer 1931-Dec. 1937 when he suffered a stroke and died

A number of priests served during 1938 -- Rev. John Pastorak, Rev. Joseph McCausland, Rev. Otto Ekhaml, Rev. H.J. Kremer, and Rev. Charles Rada. On September 11, 1938, Rev. Wenceslaus Beranek was appointed pastor and served until June 1956.

The church was reshingled and rewired, with new light fixtures installed and the sanctuary completely remodeled in 1946, finally removing the reminders of the fire of 1938. A new oil furnace was installed in 1952, and rubber tile floor covering was laid.

Rev. Beranek led the parish in its Golden Jubilee celebration on October 4, 1953. Bishop Louis Kucera celebrated a Pontifical Mass at 11:00A.M., the homily was delivered by Rev. Boniface Tomek of Abie. A dinner and social activities lasted the whole day long with a platform dance in the evening with the K.L.M.S. Radio Polka Band.

Rev. Wenceslaus Sladky served the parish from 1956-60. During this time the rectory was completely rewired and heat was installed in the winter chapel of the church.

He was followed by Rev. Kasimir Bobrowski 1960-65, after which St. Vitus became a mission of St. John's Weston and Rev. Otto Ekhaml was pastor until 1974, when Rev. Paul York was appointed to serve the parishes. In July, 1978, the brick veneer around the church was stripped and the damaged joists and sills were replaced and repaired and new brick replaced. The church was reshingled and the steeple was repaired and refinished with steel siding. In early January 1977, the interior was repaired and repainted, the confessional room built, sacristy redesigned, and floor covered with carpeting and linoleum, and a loud speaker system installed.

On Sunday, September 24, 1978, St. Vitus Church celebrated its Diamond Jubilee. Bishop Glennon Flavin celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 2:00 P.M. Rev. Wenceslaus Beranek delivered the homily. A reception followed on the church grounds.

On June 16, 1982 Rev. Paul York was reassigned to Plattsmouth and Rev. Peter Gadient was appointed pastor of St. Vitus and St. John's. New ceiling fans were installed also a microphone on the altar. On March 21, 1983, Rev. Peter Gadient was transferred to Mt. Mary's Lincoln and Rev. Merle Divis was appointed administrator to St. Vitus.

The land for this cemetery was purchased from August Witman and it consisted of four acres, with the purchase price of $75.00 an acre. The first burial recorded was that of Cyril Carek -- August 20, 1903. In 1982, the fence was repaired and a new section put up on the south edge of the cemetery. The cemetery is kept clean and mowed by groups of men of the Parish. Mr. Tom Buresh is the caretaker at present.

According to the Register of Deeds, the land was purchased from Frank Novak, on January 25, 1892, for the sum of $721.00. There were many early burials before the official transaction of the land. The first being Frantisek Handlir, October 13, 1877. It is located along Highway 79 where Highway 92 and Highway 79 intersect at the NW quarter of Section 11, Township 14 north, Range 5.