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Time line of the Ui Maine and the Tuohy's

175/185 AD The kingdom of Laigin re-founded

285 AD: The Ui Maine was reportedly founded by the brother of Fiacha Straivetine, King of Ireland,

357 AD Maine Mor, (Maine the Great) Colla de Chrioch's great-great-grandson, decided to establish his own kingdom by seizing an extensive area in southwestern Connaught Province held by the pre-Celtic tribe of Firbolgs. Specifically, the region extended on the north to the River Shannon above Lough (Lake) Ree in County Roscommon, on the south into County Offaly, westward to Lough Graney in County Clare, back north to include all of eastern County Galway to the River Suck at Ballymoe and east across County Roscommon to the River Shannon. Máine Mór ruled for 50 years Natural Death

407 AD Bresal (son of Máine Mór) ruled for 30 years Natural Death

437 AD Fiachra Finn (son of Bresal) ruled for 17 years slain by his brother Conall Cas-ciabhach

454 AD Conall Cas-ciabhach (son of Bresal) ruled for 22 years slain by Dallán, brother of Fiachra Finn

476 AD Fiachra Finn ruled for 11 years, mortally wounded then drowned

487 AD Duach, son of Dallan, ruled for 16 years slain by Maine Macamh

503 AD Lughaidh, son of Dallan, ruled for 14 years Natural death

517 AD Feradhach, son of Lughaidh, ruled for 24 year,s slain by successor Marcán

531/38, The battle of Claenloch, in Cinel Aedh, by Goibhneann, chief of Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, where Maine, son of Cearbhall, was killed, in defending the hostages of Ui Maine of Connaught.

541 AD Marcán, ruled for 15 years slain by sword

553 AD Cairbre Crom, son of Feradhach, ruled for 9 years slain, by successor

597/601, Brenainn, son of Cairbre, son of Fechine, Lord of Ui Maine, died.

600, Conall Guithbhinn, son of Suibhne, son of Colman Mor, slew Aedh Buidhe, chief of Ui Máine

622, The battle of Carn Fearadhaigh was gained by Failbhe Flann over the Connaughtmen, wherein were slain Conall, chief of Ui Maine, among others.

649, The battle of Airther Seola, in Connaught, by Ceannfaeladh, son of Colgan and Maenach, son of Baeithin, chief of Ui Briuin [Breifne], in which was slain Marcan, son of Toimen, chief of Ui Maine.

688, Fidhgellach, mac Flainn, toisech (Chief) Ua Máine.

691, Fithceallach mac Flainn, lord of Ua Máine, died.

691, Fidchellach mac Flaind, ri h-Ua Maíne mortuus est.

711, Seachnasach, chief of Ui Maine, died.

738, Dluthach, son of Fithcheallach, Lord of Ui Maine, died.

745/50, Cathal Maenmaighe, Lord of Ui Maine, died.

749, Ailello h-ui Daimine, ríg h-Úa Maine.

750, Inreachtach, son of Dluthach, lord of Ui Maine, died.

751, The battle of Bealach Cro was gained by Crimhthann over the Dealbhna of Ui Maine, in which was slain Finn, son of Arbh, Lord of Dealbhna [Nuadhat], at Tibra Finn, and the Dealbhna were slaughtered about him. The Ui Maine were contending with them for the cantred between the Suca (the River Suck) and the Sinainn (the River Shannon), for this was called the cantred of Dealbhna.

767, Aedh Ailghin, lord of Ui Maine, was slain.

770, The battle of Achadh Liag was fought between the Ui Briuin and Ui Máine, wherein the Ui Máine were defeated.

780, Dunchadh Ua Daimhine, lord of Ui Maine, died.

782, Conall, son of Fidhghal, lord of Ui Maine, died.

784, Duncadho mac Duib Da Tuadh regis Nepotum Máine.

786, Amhalgaidh, lord of Ui Maine, died.

794/99, Ailell, son of Innreachtach, lord of Ui Máine Connacht, died.

816, The battle of Rath Fhearadh by the chieftains of Ui Briuin, Diarmaid, son of Tomaltach, and Maelcothaigh, son of Fogartach, against the lord of Ui Maine, Cathal, son of Murchadh, in Dealbhna Nuadhat, between the Suca and the Sinnainn, where Cathal and many other nobles along with him were slain.

834, Cluain Mic Nois (Clonmacnoise) was profaned by Cathal, son of Ailell, lord of Ui Maine, against the prior, Flann, son of Flaithbheartach, one of the Ui Forga of Munster, whom he cast into the Sinainn, and killed. A defeat was given by Cathal, son of Ailill, to Feidhlimidh, son of Crimhthann, King of Caiseal.

844/46, Cathal, son of Ailell, king of Ui Máine, died.

849 AD As a clan the Uí Maine generally didn’t participate in wars or conflicts with other tribes in the area. The first major conflict the Uí Maine were involved in was in the late 700’s with the arrival of the “Norseman” who took over vast parts of the areas surrounding Hy Many.

883, Maelpadraig, Abbot of Cluain Mic Nois, of the race of the Ui Maine, died.

904/09 - Mughroin, mac Sochlachain, tighearna Ua Máine, died.

908/12, Sochlachán mac Diarmata, rex Nepotum Máine (tighearna Ua Maine), died.

960, Murchadh, mac Aodha, tighearna Ua Máine Connacht, died.

973, Geibennach mac Aedha, ri H. Máine.

986, Muirgus mac Domnaill, rí h-Úa Maine, died.

1014, Aodh mac Taidhcc mic Murchadha Ui Cheallaigh, tigherna Ua Maine, was slain.

1030, Concobar mac Taidg h-Ui Cellaig, ri h-Ua Maíne, was slain by the men of Tethba.

1065, M. Taidhg H. Ceallaigh ri H. Máine.

1074, Dunchadh h-Úa Cellaig, aird-ri h-Úa Maine.

1134, Aed mac maic Taidhg h-Úi Cellaig, rí h-Úa Maine, died.

1135, Hua Madadhan, rí Sil n-Anmchadha & h-Úa Maine, was slain.

1159, Concobar O Cellaig rí ó Maine.

1318, Conchobar h. Cellaig ri h. Máine.

1322, Gilliberd h. Cellaig ri h. Máine.

1339, Ruaidri Ua Cellaig ri h. Máine, was slain by O'Conor.

1372, Uilliam Oc Ua Cellaig adbar rig h. Máine.

1424, Aed mac Briain h. Cellaig ri h. Máine.

1469, Aed mac Uilliam h. Chellaig ri h. Máine.

1585: The Uí Maine lost their land officially when the last chief, Hugh O'Kelly, signed a written document stating "that the captainshippe and tanistshippe of the said country, heretofore used by the said O'Kellies, and all elections and Irish customary divisions of the land shall be utterly abolished and extinct forever."