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Heavenly squabbles

Saint Pauls


Apr 19, 1893;

The New York Times

His Superior failed to give him a third of the Easter offering.

ST. LOUIS, April I5.-The members of the parish of St. Paul the Apostle are pondering over a peculiar sermon delivered last Sunday morning at 8 o'olock mass by the Rev, Father O'Halleran, the assistant to the Rev. Father James Tuohy, pastor of the church.

The little frame edifice was crowded with worshipers, who followed devoutly the successive passages of the service to the end, when the celebrant is wont to give a short homily.

Father O'Halleran, still arrayed in his vestments, turned toward the congregation and said: “ I have long known that in¬ gratitude was to be expected from the laity, but I have only recently learned that it was to be looked for from the clergy," This ambiguous sentence opened the ears of the people for something unusual, which was not long in coming, for Father O'Halleran began the recital of his grievance s against the Rev. Father Tuohy.

He said Mr. Tuohy had promised to give him a third of the proceeds of the Easter day collections, which is intended for the support of the clergy. When Easter was over and the collection was in hand, Father Tuohy refused to give hin the promised

third, because he claimed he had been deficient in his duties

“. I do not need the money" Father O'Halleran said “but I felt it was right for me to lay before you the status of affairs. A man who makes promises and does not keep them it tell an untruth in the man, and a man who tells an untruth can not be trusted. I shall not remain here another day”