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Early 19th Century American Tuohy's and other stuff about the Tuohy's

November 24, 1887: Hugh Tuohy married Bridgett McNamara in Fredericksburg Virginia, on the day before Thanksgiving.

On April 11, 1891, Martin and Mary Tuohy of 12th Street SE in Washington DC, buried their daughter Kate who died at age 29. On November 19, 1891, the couples son, John Joseph Tuohy, died at age 20. Both of the couple’s children were waked at the family home.

There is a Frank R. Toohey Scholarship Fund at Wells Fargo Bank.

January 22, 1887: John A. Tuohy was part of a team of four selected to represent 600 striking railroader workers before the management of the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company in New Jersey. During the strike, the company brought in Pinkerton men who shot and killed a boy named Tommy Hogan for allegedly throwing a rock at the strike breakers.

November 18, 1887: Jerry Tuohy of 717 South Front Street, in Philadelphia and 18 other Irish immigrants, all employees of Edison Electric Light Company, were badly burned when a barrel of gasoline exploded inside the storage house where the company had allowed the men to live temporarily. The men were filling small cans with gasoline which would be put on work sites as danger warnings to the public. One of the men, Henry Dooley, was said to be drunk and allowed one of the cans to spill into a nearby fire causing the explosion.

February 22, 1887: The Chicago dry goods merchant on Erie Street, JW Tuohy gave his annual ball at Brunds Hall on North Clark Street for his employees and 200 guests